Why choose whole life insurance?

Life insurance is about protecting your loved ones and having the assurance that you’ve planned effectively for the future.

Advantage Plus1 whole life insurance from Foresters FinancialTM is an attractive option for families looking to protect their financial security in the event of an untimely death. Coverage is guaranteed for life as long as the certificate is in effect.

The premiums can’t be increased due to changes in the insured’s health status that occur after coverage come into effect. Your
Advantage Plus certificate offers an additional opportunity for growth. As a participating product, Advantage Plus is eligible to receive dividends if and when Foresters declares them.2

We believe our life insurance and investment products are just a starting point. Our financial strength helps you reach your financial goals, protect your family, and improve the place you live.

To learn more, download the Advantage Plus brochure from Foresters Financial.

1 Underwritten by The Independent Order of Foresters. 2 Dividends are not guaranteed.

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